Still-camera video options

Multicam interview of writer and essayist Juan Gasparini ( (Spanish)
Equipment: Video: Canon bodies, Gopro; Lights: Dedolight; Sound: Tascam.
The Convergence of Still Photography & Video

We believe that we are at a point where a profound change is about to take place in the photographic industry. It is driven not by user demand, but by the inevitable convergence of a number of required technologies. When a certain nexus is reached, they will allow the creation of a new photographic instrument, which will radically change the way photographers and filmmakers work.From a functional perspective the creation of stills and movies are quite different. The photographer finds moments and freezes them to share. The filmmaker, even when doing documentary style shooting without a script, finds sequences of events and blends them into a coherent narrative.

It’s going to converge whether we embrace it or not. Famous photo libraries and the stock industry are fighting to hold on often because they are working with large antiquated film libraries (in both moving and still). Imagine if they started afresh and every stock production was accompanied by parallel high quality footage.

“Still photographer” or a “videographer”, I think I’ll come to think of myself as an “imaging professional”.

Blending of several tools – using various degree of sophistication depending on your needs.

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