Corporate, PR
& event photography

“When you want to capture the atmosphere and mood of a venue or event, there is far more than just recording who was there.Decor, food, lighting and people all contribute to getting across the right impression”. 

Capturing the mood
Are you organizing a big corporate hospitality event or product launch and are you are looking for professional corporate photography that really captures the mood of your event?Are you looking for photography for your public relations and events management publicity needs or do you run an events venue or prestigious location that needs top quality photographs for brochures and literature?

We know that our clients value our creative approach and if you wish to, we will work with event organizers to provide images that can have a longer usable life, once the immediate needs for publicity and press purposes are passed.

Based in Geneva, Switzerland at the heart of Europe we provide commercial PR and event photography services throughout the region and nearby countries.

For our larger corporate clients and UN organizations we attend events throughout the world.

Commercial photography – our clients are businesses who have a message to convey – we are here to translate your message.

Contact us.

So when you need professional corporate event photographers and the very best in photography, we will be there for you.

Working with your team

Independence – we are happy to work to a detailed brief, keeping out of the way of busy organizers at the event.

No hidden costs – we give you clear and unambiguous pricing to suit events of all sizes.

Rapid service – we can often have your images available the day after a shoot, sometimes sooner.

Images for the exact uses you need – different images can work better for print or web, make use of our expertise in post production and image processing.
All the pictures we supply can be made available at extremely high resolutions for the best quality reproduction. (please mention before).

Image retouching – a full image retouching (Photoshop) service is available if needed.

Flexibility – we can often work without additional lighting, so as not to get in the way, for more natural looking photos.
We also provide a full range of Corporate Photography services, for web sites, brochures, advertising and annual reports.

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