Food & Product photography

We can meet your full range of photography needs and have all the skills and advanced equipment to provide just the pictures you want – taken in your kitchen, dining room, development kitchen or farm shop, giving you total control over the look of the images and the way your food is presented.
When you need high quality food photographs for menus, brochures and web sites, our images will help tell your story and give you images that fit in with your business requirements.
Whether fine dining or bar snacks, we can produce the images you want…
Good photos sell food and the experience of eating – let us do more for your business.
What we offer:
All the technical expertise and creative skills location food photography demands – our aim is to help you get the most from your food, interior and event images.
Our technical experience means that we often get superb results in your kitchens and restaurant, without the need to set up extensive additional lighting – particularly important in a busy working kitchen.

We photograph hotels and resorts, and can often arrange food photography sessions for the same visit.
If you need documentary style food photography, then we can help with photos of ingredients at source, the cooking process in professional kitchens, and, of course, what goes out in front of the customer.

Depending on how you want to use the images, we can advise on backgrounds and any ‘props’ to set off the images.

What we don’t cover is traditional studio based food photography where a skilled food stylist may work at length on the preparation and presentation of an item.
Our location work is ideal for where you want to show the real thing, prepared by your own staff, at your own location.

Our images are always supplied to meet your needs, whether for web use (on-line catalogue photography) or higher resolution print use, for catalogues or promotional material. They come with all our expertise in color management and high quality reproduction.

Our aim is always to produce product photography that is both informative and eye-catching. We want our product photographs to be just the way you want, and we can work closely with your web and print designers if required.

Work can be studio based or on site product photography – in your factory, studio or office. We use the same advanced cameras and lenses whether in the studio or in your factory.
Contact us: We provide a range of pack shot digital product photography services, both in the Geneva region or elsewhere.

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